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Hon. Nii Lantey hits hard at GFA on local football

Ghana’s out going Youth and Sports Minister, Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye has explained his rationale for the supposed problem with the Ghana football Association.

Speaking to Kasapa FM, the Sports Minister said that he does not have any personal problem with any individual at the GFA but his problem is specifically to do with  the way they work.

Hon. Nii Lantey emphasised thus ” I do not have problems with the GFA per say, but I just want them to change the way they do their things”.

He went on to hammer on the state of Colts football in the country and attributed it to one big reason why our local league has lost its attraction and passion. Hon. Nii Lantey recalled his stint with colts football as a lad growing up and then mentioned stars like Abedi Pele, Mohammed Polo and Frimpong Manso who established themselves as great footballers via colts football.


Furthermore, he expressed his displeasure about the inability of the GFA to run colts football for the past five years. This has come as a result of the “football people” hiding behind academic football because of their parochial interest.

Again Hon. Nii Lantey explained the conflict of interest the “football people” attach to the running of football in the country, thus also a reason for the poor status of Ghana’s local football.

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