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Luis Suarez reveals his admiration for Leo Messi as a friend

Luis Suarez spoke about his Barcelona team-mates in an interview with Oceano Uruguay radio. He was taken aback by the attitude in the dressing room when he arrived in 2014.

“When you come to a club like Barcelona you think everything will be very different, and what surprised me was the humility there was in the dressing room, it’s incredible, it’s spectacular the relationships there are between team-mates.”

The Barcelona forward insists that “nobody believes they are more than anybody else. There are Leo, Neymar, Iniesta and all of them who have played here a long time and won it all, and to see how they keep working day to day and share things internally like a family makes you very proud and make you see that you have chosen the right place to keep playing football.”


Suarez said: “Argentines and Uruguayans get on well, and on top of that with Leo we have the same age and this generates a different feeling. Football players don’t like to talk all the time about football. We have a completely different thing, with the children, things we have. This creates a link that makes the relationship more powerful. You meet up to have a mate (tea), spend the day, go out to eat with the women, this is good because you know that when you meet up with your friends your wife will have company too, sometimes that’s difficult.”

The Uruguayan insisted “Leo is like anyone else off the pitch. He has great humility and sincerity with me. He is admirable, incredible. We also live 100 metres from each other.”

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