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Pele’s Son goes to Jail in Brazil

Skin and his son

A Brazilian court Tuesday ordered the arrest of exportero Edson Cholbi do Nascimento , known as Edinho and eldest son of the legendary soccer player Pelé , in the process in which
he was already convicted of money laundering, judicial sources said.

Edinho, who was goalkeeper of the Santos club and coach of Mogi Mirim, had been waiting for two years for the State Court of Sao Paulo to rule definitively on an appeal against the sentence in which he was convicted in First instance.

The court not only upheld the sentence, but reduced it from the initial 33-year prison sentence to 12 years and 10 months, but ordered its immediate arrest to comply with the sentence.

Edinho’s lawyers reported that they will submit a petition for habeas corpus this Friday so that the ex-player can continue to be released while his case is decided by the Superior Court of Justice.

The exportero del Santos was arrested in July 2013 to begin to purge the sentence, but only served six months of sentence and a judge accepted the request of the lawyers to wait for a higher court to decide the appeal against sentence.

The case brought by Edinho, one of Pele’s seven children, goes back to 2005, when he was arrested along with 17 other people in a trial in which he was accused of money laundering and association with drug trafficking.

At the time, Edinho denied all the accusations although he admitted that he had problems with drugs, only as a consumer, and that he owed money to a friend, who was identified as the head of a drug gang operating in the city of Santos.

The trial judge acquitted the ex-player of drug trafficking and drug trafficking allegations, but ended up convicting him of the crime of laundering illegal proceeds.

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