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Bellew: Haye must be humble after defeat

Liverpudian, Tony Bellew claims David Haye must show humbleness after falling to a 11th round defeat in the hands of the Briton at the O2 Arena on Saturday.

The two Britons clashed each other in a heavyweight contest and ended with Bellew knocking Haye in the 11th round stoppage. Haye had in the press conference called Bellew a Chihuahua but it was the Chihuahua that was laughing at the end of the contest.

In the heat of the buildup to the fight, Bellew sent his family to Dubai after they were upset by his opponent’s brutal predictions of a knockout.

Bellew in an interview with Sky Sports calls for Bellew to show humbleness after the defeat and is quoted as saying;

“I think he’s shown a more humble side to him, which he needed to show, because in the build-up to this fight, he said some horrendous things,” Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ.

“It was at one stage I did send my children and my missus away from the country, because I didn’t want them to hear what he was saying. My missus was in tears about this man saying how he was going to put me in hospital and he’s going to end my career on that night.

“I sent them to Dubai, because I didn’t want them to hear any more of what he had to say in all honesty.”

Tony Bellew made a fun of David Haye after knocking the Londoner in the 11th round claiming;

If he had done to me what he said he was going to do in one or two rounds, he would have just belittled me, laughed at me, and made a fool of me”.

Haye lost to Bellew after suffering Achilles injury in the 11th round stoppage.


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