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Tony Bellew: I will welcome Tyson Fury fight if cleared

Briton heavyweight boxer, Tony Bellew claims he will welcome Tyson Fury bout if cleared to box after Peter Fury, uncle of Tyson said a bout between Bellew and Tyson will be nothing but”exciting”.

Bellew said a bout with Tyson Fury is welcomed when he is cleared to return to the ring and is ready to fight the English.

Bellew is considering one more bout after his excellent win over David Haye at the O2 Arena on Saturday and is ready to face Tyson Fury.

Asked by Sky Sports, if he will fancy a bout with Tyson Fury as suggested by Peter Fury, Bellew was quick to say Yes. He was quoted as saying;

“Why wouldn’t I, is the question? Why wouldn’t I? Yes I would.

“If everything goes well and he passes everything he needs to pass then it’s a fight that can potentially happen, yes it is.”

Despite Bellew ready to fight Tyson, he rate the English high for his world title victory over Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015.

He said;

“I rate Tyson Fury highly.” “A very, very good fighter. Let’s not forget what he done in Germany. He done the unthinkable, no-one gave him a hope, and he went there and done it.

“A man who has fought the odds like me, we’re champion of the misfits. Doesn’t aesthetically look very beautiful, similar to me, but the man can fight, he can really, really fight.”


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