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BARCA to Appeal to Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) after Neymar’s appeal is rejected

Gil Manzano expelled Neymar in the Malaga-Barca

The sanction of three parties of suspension that the Committee of Competition imposed to Neymar Jr by its expulsion before the Malaga and that Apelación has ratified could end up generating an unprecedented fact. According to the events that have taken place in the last week, the situation could be that the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) will meet as a matter of urgency on Sunday to resolve a hypothetical appeal of FC Barcelona .

According to RAC1, the club presented on Wednesday afternoon the appeal to the Appeal Committee, an appeal that this committee has dismissed. After being notified of this ratification, the club azulgrana is legitimized to appeal before the TAD. Taking into account the proximity of the meeting between Barça and Real Madrid (Sunday, 20.45 hours), depending on the procedures, TAD members should meet either Saturday night or Sunday to resolve the Barça resource, otherwise, Under the current legislation, ie if there is no resolution of the TAD, Neymar could play the classic.

This is an unusual situation for the members of the TAD, all lawyers of reputed prestige in their respective areas and away from the world of sport, so it would be less curious that there is a meeting as a matter of urgency to resolve on itself A footballer should or should not play a football match. Should this meeting take place over the weekend, it would set a precedent for future similar situations.

Who are the members of the TAD?

This Friday, coinciding with a relevant decision and media, the news of the appointment by the CSD of three new members of the TAD: Cristina Pedrosa , Julián Espartero and Jesús Avezuela , who join Enrique Arnaldo, Miguel Pardo, Blanca Lozano, Koldo Irurzun, Andreu Camps and Carmen Valverde .

A precedent on Saturday, but not on Sunday

In February 2014 a TAD meeting was held on Saturday morning to determine whether Cristiano Ronaldo could play or not a Real Madrid-Elche . Finally, the TAD ratified the sanction to the Portuguese and could not play but this meeting of urgency occurred on a Saturday morning. It will be necessary to see in the case of Neymar how they happen happening the facts.

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