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The existence of jurisprudence could help Messi after his court hearing Today

Lionel Messi and his father Jorge, at the Audiencia of Barcelona on June 2, 2016

The existence of jurisprudence contrary to the figure of deliberate ignorance could bring a benevolent resolution for the Argentine footballer.

This Thursday has taken place in the 2nd Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court reviewing the sentence against Leo Messi for tax fraud that resulted in 21 months in prison for the Argentine footballer.Although the members of the Chamber have reviewed and reached a decision, it will not be known until a few days since different procedural formalities, such as, in particular, the wording of the sentence must be produced.

A ruling that could be favorable to the Argentinian footballer if we attend to the existing jurisprudence on deliberate ignorance. This concept, which comes to reside in the duty of the accused to know or know a particular subject, was one of the main reasons used to condemn Messi , but there is a new doctrine increasingly widespread that ensures that it is an incompatible concept With the rule of law.

Precisely is the concept by which the Infanta Cristina was acquitted and already in the sentence of the case of the azulgrana player surprised in the legal circles that it was not also applied with the Argentine for the absolution.

Now, with the presence of this debate on deliberate ignorance in the Supreme Court review , the decision of this body could be favorable to Leo Messi , but to do so, it will be necessary to wait until the sentence is made public to see if it is agreed To the trend of recent legal doctrine.

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