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Real Madrid-Barcelona Messi goals summary and chronic

Messi decided that there is League. It happened in the discount , which was always madridista territory, after a match fast, without ties, with two great goalkeepers and a refrigerator referee. The Argentine showed his jersey to the Bernabeu in a gesture of pride and vindication in another match of the season. To Madrid it was left to him to align Bale and to forgive in its arrivals. He lost to the Russian roulette in which the suit ended, missing the precision of Cristiano. Al Barca, already interim leader, was enough with the Argentinian, all-powerful player, unbreakable . When he appears, the team feels capable of everything.

The penalties and expulsions, like the main dishes of the menu, have their moment. They are never served at first. That was where Barca got rid of a maximum punishment , as it happened in the Camp Nou, and the Madrid of the expulsion of Marcelo . Hernandez Hernández looked to the other side in a clear shot from Umtiti to Cristiano and in a wicked elbow from Marcelo to Messi. When the first event happened (2 ‘), the Madrid was in a cyclone version. When the second (20 ‘) occurred, Barça muted the game better , though the python kicked off the counter too close to the goal.

Zidane, also for not breaking anything, made room for an injured Bale , who traverses the traffic from non-negotiable to inexplicable. It pretends, by the bad ones, to make of him a midfielder. It broke like glass a little over half an hour. You receive much more than you give. Neither wanted to break anything Luis Enrique and changed piece by piece, Alcácer por Neymar. They are not of the same species. And also, he advanced behind in an exaggerated maneuver, an invitation to Madrid’s antelopes . So, after the first white push, the game was in its natural fate: Barça handling the ball, with Messi as a goalkeeper, and Zidane’s team sending mortar to the back of the midfielders Blaugrana.

Messi takes off

The metabolism of the party was changing minute by minute. The Madrid was watering his chances against the odds , because the top speed of Cristiano and Benzema was out of reach of Piqué and Umtiti. There he made Ter Stegen work with a shot from the Portuguese and another from Modric, although he cooked the goal withthe traditional recipe of the ball stopped . The rebound of a corner Marcelo put it on the second post, Ramos sent it to the wood and Casemiro put it to empty door. Before the Madrid digested their advantage, Messi , who was already in recital mode, tied in a break through the center , adorned with trim and left-handed. That action tinged Barça’s duel. Messi, again,

In the second half, the match followed the same course. Acelerón of the Madrid , impelled by its sides, and progressive answer of the Barça to take the fight to the land of the pause . There were five prodigious stops, two of Ter Stegen in the head of Benzema and Asafio and three of Keylor, before Alcácer, Pique and Luis Suarez.

The party had broken in partidazo , full of activity in the two areas, until a left of Rakitic unbalanced it. And the expulsion of Ramos, very rigorous, ended by breaking it. It was Hernández Hernández’s last black night. And there decided the Madrid to come back to life. He tied James and was three times on the verge of victory. And when he signed the draw, Messi sent the guillotine with a shot of high precision . He had not done it for three years, but there are customs that are not forgotten.

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