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Anthony Joshua (left) and Wladimir Klitschko have weighed in ahead of their highly-anticipated big heavyweight fightIBF heavyweight champion Joshua tipped the scales at 17st 12lbs 2oz at Wembley Arena following the weigh-in


41 Age 27
 6ft 6ins/82ins Height/Reach 6ft 6ins/82ins
68 Fights 18
64 Wins 18
0 Draws 0
4 Losses 0
82 KO percentage 100

Although the majority present were cheering for the hometown Joshua, there was vocal support for Klitschko also.

The surprise on the scales may affect the betting odds which have been favouring Joshua narrowly at just under 1/2, with Klitschko at a little less than 2/1.

Speaking after the weigh-in, Joshua refuted claims that his opponent has got under his skin, insisting: I don’t hate Klitschko.’

He added: ‘I don’t dislike Klitschko, but I want to beat Klitschko. It’s a boxing match, I’m competitive and that’s all it is.’

Ukrainian heavyweight Klitschko came in at 17st 2lb 6ozs on Friday afternoon ahead of his return to competitive action

The British favourite stands on the scales as legendary American ring announcer Michael Buffer (left) speaks to London crowd


How does this fight go down?

I’m only going to be myself. The fight is as big as it can be. People want to see a good undercard. There’s Olympians on there, then you’ve got the heavyweight clash. There’s belts on the line. There’s legacy on the line. There’s 12 rounds of intense, ferocious boxing on the line. It comes with everything you want to see. Boxing skills, power, timing – it’s just how long you can last and withstand each other’s abilities.

Are you looking for a knock-out?

You’ve got to take this fight round-by-round. That’s boxing. Sooner or later one wears down. The other one realises their weakness, then you put on the pressure. It depends if I see that opportunity. My main focus is to focus round-by-round on a 12-round fight.

Has he got under your skin?

I don’t hate Klitschko, I don’t dislike Klitschko, but I want to beat Klitschko. It’s a boxing match, I’m competitive and that’s all it is.

When do you switch on?

I’ve been switched on since December 10, in the back of my mind, even though I wasn’t training after the fight. I knew what was going to come. Naturally I’ve been preparing myself for this moment. I can relax, mentally I’ve been through many different processes with how I’ll approach the fight.

Is it your hardest test?

You never know how the fight will go. This could be an easy fight, or I could go out there and something could happen and then maybe a fight that wasn’t supposed to be so hard could become harder. All I have to do is make this fight as easy as possible and win in good fashion.

Can you enjoy the occasion?

With boxing you seem to enjoy it after. When you’re competing, it’s tunnel vision. You’re really focused and then you absorb all the atmosphere maybe when that final bells goes. For me, every time I’ve fought, even though there’s so many people supporting myself – I have to stay tunnel vision and then I embrace everyone when we do meet and greets.

I do public runs to give something back. For now it’s tunnel vision, I hope you understand.

What is your prediction?

It’s going to cost you a billion pounds!

Your final thoughts?

What more can I say. Punch lands, another punch lands, you miss, it’s simple. Anyone in this room can become champion. It’s not rocket science. You just have to have a bit of heart and determination, and then that can go far. Someone is going to win and someone is going to continue with their carer and I’m very confident that’s me.

Joshua was speaking on Sky Sports News 

The 27-year-old Joshua beams as he gives the thumbs-up to the crowd during Friday's weigh-in

Klitschko arrived in a gilet and grey tracksuit combination ahead of the weigh-in which was watched by a crowd of 2,000 

Speaking on Sky Sports News, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder confirmed he will target a fight against the winner of the bout.

‘You better believe it! (targeting the winner of the fight)

‘I’m so excited for boxing and the future of the heavyweight division. We were once in a dark place but now there is light. It starts tomorrow [Saturday] with Joshua and Klitschko. I’m so excited for these guys and for the state of boxing. I’m here in England where the best fans in the world are.

‘We have so many up-and-coming prospects. We have young champions and we have champions all over the world now which is what makes it so great.

‘For me, it’s time to have one face, one name, one champion. I think that would make the division even more exciting – to have one champion to represent the world, and everybody else challenge this one champion.’

Joshua is all smiles as he glances down at his weight while Klitschko stands waiting in the background

The 41-year-old Klitschko looks calm and composed as he steps on the scales and waits to discover his weight

The 31-year-old American is backing Klitschko’s experience to see him through against an opponent 14 years his junior.

‘I give Wladimir a little bit of an edge because of his experience. He’s been around for many years, seen all types of styles. Nothing should really knock him out.

‘He should have learnt from that (Fury defeat) and should apply it to this fight here. With Joshua, he’s young and he’s rangey as well too. He has advantages too. That’s what makes this fight so exciting. You have advantages for both fighters but they’re tall, big and ready to go.’

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