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Gianluigi Buffon

Juventus reach the Champions League final in full form, with a plethora of defense and a rejuvenated Buffon who if he wins the trophy will be a serious candidate for the Golden Ball.

Gianluigi Buffon (39 years old – Goalkeeper) GOLDEN BALL

Few adjectives to define the season of Buffon, the guardian of youth goal since 2001. Leader and father figure of the team. The reflexes of his first years have supplied them with an exceptional placement and the ability to make authentic paradonos without hardly disheading. They ask Iniesta. Always concentrated, to beat him, from near or far, it takes more than a shot placed.

Dani Alves (34 years – Right-back) WINNER

Alves does not get tired of winning. After a beginning of adaptation after many years in the Barça, the side has reached the maximum level when playing the things. You know him, long runs, excellent touch, overflow, endurance, goal and a winning mentality that make him unstoppable.Also in defense, where his ‘tackles’ have saved his team from more than a scare.

Leonardo Bonucci (30 years – Central) MURO

It seems that it is not, but Bonucci is a life insurance for the Juve defense. Placed, attentive, serious and insurmountable it is of the soccer players that notes every game. Bonucci never appears in the photo and that is his main merit along with being in charge of getting the ball played. Every year is the number one in the lists of defensive reinforcements of the great ones of Europe and this will not be less.

Giorgio Chiellini (32 years old – Central) HEART

Chiellini is the emotion, the feeling and the fight. Always stuck to the opponent, talking, gesticulating, grabbing or sticking with the face of a good guy who can be forgiven. He will not give away a clean shot. It is the heart of the team, the one who shouts to the teammates, who gets first if you have to break your face. He has a better pass than he seems despite his rough body which in turn allows him to overlook. An ancient in modern football.

Andrea Barzagli (36 years – Central) PERFECTION

Barzagli is the veteran. Tall, strong, placed and able to stop their rivals without needing to go to the ground thanks to an extreme concentration. He gets the ball very well and, although it is not well overlooked, it has enough wingspan to bother and is quick to cover the right when Alves rises to the attack.

Alex Sandro (26 years old – Lateral left) ARLEGADOR

Brazilian pure, Alex Sandro has alternated the lateral with the left interior depending on the system used by Allegri, with three central or with two. With Brazilian technique, overflow and arrival is well overlooked, cut and not dispersed like other compatriots. He does not fear going one against one and likes to play long balls. A secure.

Miralem Pjanic (27 years old – Middle center) BRAIN

He came from Rome to unbalance with the ball in the feet and has also done in defensive tasks. Pjanic has grown a lot at Juventus and has had the courage to fight for his place by making more kilometers than anyone else. Next to Khedira, has been the team’s link, with good pass, both long and short, assists and a dominance of the ball stopped feared by its rivals.

Sami Khedira (30 years – Middle center) PLACEMENT

Khedira, another old acquaintance. He is strong and tough in defense. A tank, complete though somewhat slow in the entrances. Good passer strikes with attacking raids and sees door more easily than it seems.

Juan Cuadrado (29 years – Right wing) DESBORDE

If any merit has Allegri is that he knows how to get the stars to land. Squared, who came out of Chelsea, is another example. Much overflow, a ‘ronaldinhesca’ force and an aesthetic dribbling that do not make him score but that eliminates rivals along the way. It lacks concentration and is not overlooked but is a spectacular generator of danger.

Paulo Dybala (23 years – Half time) CRACK

Sólo va mal por alto, pero eso también decían de Messi. Dybala ha explotado definitivamente esta temporada. Es el mejor de su equipo al regate, y muy bueno en todos los aspectos ofensivos del juego: disparos, asistencias, faltas directas… Su zurda es un látigo y es el jugador con más talento del equipo lo que le hace poder ocupar cualquier posición en la delantero e incluso en la media de la Juve.

Mario Mandzukic (31 años – Delantero centro) PELEADOR

Mandzukic is the oxygen of Juventus when the game gets hard and the rival closes spaces. Forward center, Allegri has recovered on the left of the youth attack, where the balls go when there are ‘patadones’ in defense. He does not dribble but it is very difficult to take the ball and finish with ease. He always goes to shock and it is usual to see him with bandages on his head and cottons on his nose.

Gonzalo Higuain (29 years old – Forward center) REMATADOR

More than a ‘matador’, Higuain is a finisher. He has the ability to generate spaces and chances, it is very difficult to take the ball off him and he has a good shot, but he feels awkward. Also to be something above his ideal weight although this season has 37 reasons why Real Madrid should worry. Also by its exmerengue condition.

Claudio Marchisio (31 years – center) QUALITATIVE

Marchisio is the midfielder that everyone wants to have. He knows how to fight in defense and attack and he is always remarkably tall. Keeps the ball and is very good in the short pass and excellent in the long, but at the same time is a waste of effort in covering holes and positions of his teammates. Also intercepting balls and leaving the ‘uy’ in rival fans. Always gives the face although counts less than Khedira or Pjanic.

Stephan Lichtsteiner (33 years – Right back) IRREGULAR

He surprised at first, with a great role and gaining inclusion in the Champions League in December after staying in the team despite his intentions to leave. He renewed and began his decline. In part by the appearance of the best Alves right in the decisive section of the season. Well to the pass and fast, it is a complete side although it does not reach the level of the Brazilian.

Kwadwo Asamoah (28 years old – Middle center) FORCE

Although he is a midfielder, Allegri places him normally on the left, giving him a breather for Alex Sandro. Asamoah is a pure force that, with an acceptable technique, make him a good dribbler although he is a little past the laps.

Daniele Rugani (22 years – Central) APRENDIZ

Pure center with a lot of goal that is well overlooked and good pass, has the concentration of his ‘older brothers’ and points ways to get the ball controlled. He’s in the best school.

Mehdi Benatia (30 years old) Central

The central has not been able to enter regularly in the equipment although always that has done it has played to good level. With good pass, its main virtue is the anticipation to its rivals although it makes more misses of the account.

Stefano Sturaro (24 years – middle center) DESCENTRADO

Sturaro is a hard worker and does not burn the ball in his feet but he is decenter with ease, loses his place in the field and fails much in the pass something that, seen the companions that has next, leaves him too much in evidence. However it is a good reinforcement to ‘break’ the match.

Mario Lemina (23 years old – Midfielder) RESOURCE

The young player is good at the cross and in the one against one, in addition, in defense, he knows how to cut the opposing counters well, however, he has not had more role than the one of revulsive and in his only complete game Juve lost against the Roma .

Tomás Rincón (29 years old – Pivot) CUMPLIDOR

The Venezuelan always strives and helps more in defense than in attack in the mid center position. It makes many fouls and is quite contained when it comes to climbing, but it fulfills the idea of ​​containment with which Allegri maintains results.

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