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Zidane manteado, Un Madrid para la historia: gana el doblete 59 años después

The intention of generations is to leave a mark . That’s why it hurts the grown-ups when their neighborhood bar of a lifetime turns into a bakery specializing in vegan cupcakes, when the bakery on the corner is now a locutorio. Every generation wants to leave its mark, indelible in time, a history that can visit and remember those who come from behind. That is why Real Madrid is a generation, unique, from its foundation to the final whistle of Cardiff. That is why Real Madrid does not stop winning to return to tread on its own footprint. And they go twelve times .

Real Madrid landed beyond the last frontier . As always, he was a pioneer in Europe to achieve what no one else had ever achieved. For the second consecutive year he records his name on the champion plate. Their way of living is to win and is never satiated. He destroyed the Juve in a memorable second part, for the memory.

The Juve gave shovels of coal from the first second. He put the boiler on and tried to run over a Madrid that took the dawn of the final without an alarm clock . The emotional load forced the Italians to gallop, to take off the label of loser of finals and to remove that thorn of the 98. The ones of opposite confused experience with relaxation.

In excess. The first efforts of the minuteman to find the next digit were stained bianconero and Keylor had to fly with the wing unfolded to avoid the goal of Pjanic. A paradón in which there was little to celebrate and much to worry about. The rival was not a defensive wall, it was not a turtle locked in its shell, it was not what the story had installed as a computer virus in the Real Madrid mind . It was a team that was hurting and wanted to be beaten with Madrid.

But Madrid does not warn, it is the gunman who turns around to hear “Nine” and shoots while his rival in the duel to the sun tries to meet the tenth regulatory step. A routine ball-out turned into lethal injection. Modric and Casemiro pampered the ball in the cradle, Kroos took it away, Benzema found Cristiano and the Portuguese handed it to Carvajal with an acknowledgment. The return of the sidesent it to the net Ronaldo with a right to the long pole that was moved away of the reach of Buffon. A goal of those who will try to repeat in the schoolyard on Monday.

It was counted on that the Juve is not a rag doll that surrenders to the first blow. He kept squeezing and took seven minutes to take revenge. Higuain had too much time to control a ball in the direction of aMandzukic who had too much time to think, stop his chest and take a volley to the half-turn that slipped into the opposite square of Keylor. A reminder: there was a rival.

The rest served Madrid and Madridismo to stand before a line that separated him from eternal glory. One of those opportunities that can not be missed. The second part was memorable, a historical review in which made the great Juve a pelele in his hands. With Kroos and Modric at the helm, with Isco placid and Benzema euphoric, he took a football lesson from those seen all over the world , which frighten and make it clear, in the eyes of the planet, that this era is the Real Madrid .

Casemiro opened the way with a distant shoe that slipped close to the stick of Buffon, a shot of those who make out a “But where you go” throats that is drowned by a shout of immediate goal.

And without giving Juve time to react, as must be done, when the rival is stunned, Cristiano shot Buffon in an iconic image , the winner over the fallen, a duel that had been prefabricated and that Ronaldo was commissioned Of bursting in their favor. He has another Champions in his pocket, the same as Messi. He is in charge of the fifth Golden Ball, the same as Messi.

Asensio put the lace making it clear that it has a star and that the next generation has blood transfusion and glory of the previous ones. They wear it on the shirt, on the shield, on the competition patch. The six European Cups already have six Champions by their side. The best black and white team in history is also the best team in color history.

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