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Ronald Koeman , Hristo Stoichkov and José Mari Bakero closed the third and final day of talks at the Fòrum Samitier dedicated to the first European Cup conquered by FC Barcelona 25 years ago. The Auditorium 1899 attached to the Camp Nou was not Wembley, the stage had nothing to do with the lawn of the London stadium and the three cited did not wear short. But the magic could with the passage of time and the illusion overcame the comparisons when a ball appeared on the initiative of the vice president of the social area, Jordi Cardoner . It was Stoichkov , Bakero stopped him and Koeman shot him amid the applause of those present, many of them excited.

After the conference of journalists and coaches, Koeman, Stoichkov, Eusebio, Love and Rexach were guests at the cracks, with a large turnout of fans at the Auditorium and the presence of famous at that time, as José Mari Bakero , Organizer of the events, former president Josep Lluís Núñez , coach Tonny Bruins Slot or former coach of that Dream Team, Angel Vilda .

That the success of that team was the human quality of players and coaches was clear in an event presented by the journalist Pilar Calvo , who lived with them that moment. Constant jokes and talk without waste, such as the kiss on the lips of Koeman and Stoichkov at the celebration dinner. “It was the result of the great companionship that was in that team,” said the Bulgarian, forcing the Dutchman to a more sincere reaction: “For me it was the result of alcohol.” Hristo continued with his most poetic narration of that moment, provoking his friend: “It was very sweet, nobody knows what we feel at that moment.” And Ronald concluded, “Stop being silly!”

“Every 20th of May I open a bottle of champagne ever since”

“I was not ready,” Stoichkov said of the launch of that fault after several conflicting versions, some of Hristo himself , who revealed that “every 20 May I open a bottle of champagne ever since.” The Bulgarian, excited, gave thanks “to all who supported us, those who traveled to London and those who were before because it was a success of all in a club with so much history.”

Koeman recalled that “the atmosphere was what happened in the final of Sevilla against Steaua, but in that team had a lot of character to overcome everything. It was an unforgettable day, very beautiful in every way. ”

“In that team there was a lot of character to overcome everything. It was an unforgettable day, very beautiful in all aspects”

Eusebio said that “it was the end of the illusion, not the fear, we wanted to do something great, it was the most important moment of my career.” And Amor stayed “with the affection that gave me the people and the club when I saw the yellow that prevented me from playing the final. I had the feeling of having disputed it “.

Especially fun was the story of Carles Rexach , with included onomatopoeia, how convinced Johan Cruyff , with his help, Hristo Stoichkov to play end and not center forward: ” Johan tried, but Hristo grunted and said no. He asked me to explain it to him little by little. I told him it was very fast, but not so much to get out of the ‘9’ area, receive in the band, focus on himself and top in the area. He was still grunting. I explained that in the Barça the center is placed almost where the ‘9’ is placed in Bulgaria so that of ariete would have to play in the area rival and it would lack field to run. Little by little he understood, but it was a month and a half terrible. ” And Stoichkov nodded: “Then I no longer wanted to play center forward. ‘9’ the central ones hit you more! “

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