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Neymar celebrates a little.+

Neymar is the most expensive player in the world according to the list published by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This institution has developed a series of variables with scientific validity that stipulate the transfer value of the different players of professional football. Some of the elements analyzed orbit around the age, the club of origin or the validity of the contract. In the case of the Brazilian, the estimated transfer price stood at 210.7 million euros. The top three are completed by two Tottenham players : Dele Alli , with a value of 155.1 million, and striker Harry Kane , with a price of 153.6.

Leo Messi occupies the fourth position, the Argentine star is priced at 151.7 million euros. The fifth is Antoine Griezmann , valued at 150.3 million euros. The other member of the MSN, Luis Suárez , occupies the sixth position with a price of 140.8 million. The most expensive players belong to the Premier League , the average price of its 10 most expensive players is 85 million, 73 in relation to the Spanish League , 51 for Serie A , 47 for the Bundesliga and 40 for League 1 .

Futuristic in Blaugrana

In relation to some players linked recently with the future of Barça , we see as the best positioned is Dembélé , the French striker of Dortmund occupies the 19 position of the ranking, with a value of 87.1 million euros. The second best positioned is the side of Arsenal Hector Bellerín , located in position 60 with a price of 56.5 million. Marco Verratti , PSG footballer , holds position 67, with a cost of 54.9 million.

Last year, Messi led this ranking with a value of 211.1 million euros. Neymar was chasing him , with 201.5. The third in discordia was Cristiano Ronaldo , with 137,8 . The Portuguese has dropped 8 positions in relation to the last study published.

Neymar leads the list of the most expensive players in the world.

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