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CAF Executive Committee and FIFA Council member, Kwesi Nyantakyi has indicated that his position at both Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA are safe after the adoption of CAF reforms.

CAF had a two day symposium and adopted some reforms to reshape the continent’s football where one was to prevent members from putting themselves up for election into CAF Executive Committee and FIFA Council at the same time.

They also expanded the members of the CAF Executive Committee to 23 from 15 and added that all those who becomes FIFA Council Members automatically becomes a CAF Exco member.

This new regulation means no member can be a member of CAF Executive Committee and FIFA Council at the same time as some members including GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi are currently.

Other members to serve on the dual roles are; Constant Omari (DR Congo), Abo Rida Hany (Egypt), Almamy Kabele Camara (Guinea) and Tarek Bouchamaoui (Tunisia). Only Lydia Nsekera of Burundi is a FIFA Council member position but not on CAF Exco Committee.

This led to some rumours among the Ghanaian community that the GFA president will lose his position at CAF and FIFA but the FIFA Council member has debunked that idea telling Graphic Sports ‘that his positions are safe but the modality of getting to serve on either bodies had been modified in order to widen CAF’s scope of decision-making and a greater participation of Member Associations, unlike in the past where the ExCo was considered the right of a privilege few’.

“In very simple terms, the reform says, if you want to serve on CAF ExCo, you just campaign and you are elected for that”.

“If it is the FIFA Council member one wants, he goes straight for it and either way, his or her CAF ExCo membership is preserved”, he added.

“One need not campaign for two elections as it happened in the recently held polls”, the FIFA Council member continued.

“The reforms do not deny or rob anyone of a role. It simply says, once one is voted to become a FIFA Council member, he or she automatically, becomes a CAF ExCo member, so there is no need for one to campaign to be ExCo member first, then a FIFA Council member”, he explained.

“Whether one gets to serve at CAF or FIFA, he will enjoy the same rights as a CAF ExCo member and be entitled to the same opportunities, unlike in the past where FIFA ExCo members at CAF were honorary members who had no voting rights and could not be nominated for vice presidency roles and who were referred to as having non-cumulative mandate”, he cleared the air.

“Per the reform, it will be for one to decide whether he wants to just serve at CAF or be a FIFA Council member, and either way he or she serves on the CAF ExCo once the elections go their way, the GFA president indicated.

“So if people are worried about my position per this reform, let me just clear the air and assure them; My roles at both CAF and FIFA are safe”, added the CAF Exco and FIFA Council member.

“In any case, the reforms do not take retrospect effect. It comes into force from the next elections”, he reiterated.

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