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Brit Mo Farah is confident of overcoming the leg injury suffered when he retained his 10,000m title.

Mo Farah won the 10,000m in 26.49 to retain the World Championship gold won in Beijing 2015.

Mo Farah Major Medals won

Farah, 34, despite the injury is still confident of overcoming the leg injury suffered to defend his 5,000m.

He said; “I hurt my leg and I’m going to see a doctor, a few stitches maybe”.

“I’ve got a bad leg”, he explained.

“I’ve got such a long stride I got caught twice and at that point I was just trying to stand up”, he added.

“I am hurt. I just had to be strong. I’ve got a few cuts and bruises, just recover and get ready for the 5k. I’ve got enough days”, he indicated.

Farah whose final major track race will be the 5,000m with the heat on Wednesday described the 10,000m as the ‘difficult race’ in his career.

He said; “It was one of the toughest races of my life”.

“The guys gave it to me, it wasn’t about Mo, it was about ‘how do we beat Mo?”, Mo added.

“You had the Kenyans, the Ethiopians, the Ugandans, everybody working as a team against me. Fair play to them, they worked it hard and they chucked everything at me”.

“At one point in the middle of the race I wasn’t thinking I was going to lose, but I thought ‘this is tough, this is tough”.

Brit Mo Farah who said he ‘owe’ his excellent performances to his home fans added; “It was about believing in my sprint finish and knowing that I have been in that position before”.

He continued; “It helped a lot having that experience”.

“I just had to stay strong, believe in myself and think, ‘I didn’t work for nothing, I’m not losing in my home town. I can’t”.


“I get emotional talking about it, but I owe it to the people in London, I owe it to the people in Great Britain and to have so many people supporting you, keeping you going, it makes the difference”.

Mo Farah will be doing the marathons when he retires from the tracks.

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