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The Bukum Boxing Arena witnessed yet again another historic boxing fight between two undefeated boxers.The two boxers, Braimah Kamoko and Bastie Samir sold a beautiful fight and would go into the annals of Ghana boxing as one of the finest fight in recent times.

The build-up to the fight was properly planned executed by the Promoters,Box Office Boxing Promotion Syndicate hence the remarkable crowd at the fight venue.

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The two boxers offered boxing fans more than what they expected from them in the ring with total boxing full of action,excitement and entertainment.

Undoubtedly many boxing pandits predicted a crucial fight but never anticipated such a fast pace fight full of energy and vitality considering the weight level of both boxers.

Bastie Samir ended the undefeated record of Bariama Kamoko who had his professional boxing debut in 2000 with a superlative round seven performance which saw the enigmatic Bukum Banku being outboxed, punished and hypnotised by the energetic Bastie Samir with hefty and ferocious punches.

Bastie Samir who was a former captain of the Black Bombers and had his professional boxing debut in 2008 manged to maintain his unbeaten record and enhance it to 17 fights, no defeat, 1 draw with 15 of those wins came by way of knockouts.

Braimah Kamoko shockingly failed to maitain his undefeated record in his 30th record fight and now with 30 fights, 29 wins, 1 defeat,no draw with 22 of those wins came by way of knockouts.


I think both Banku and Bastie must be commended for their role in making the historic fight a sale-out.Their media engagements regarding interviews and training workouts made the fight very attractive to all, including non-boxing fans.
I hope other boxers will emulate from these boxers to know how to market their own brand as boxers and attract spectators for their own benefits.


In the past some of us described Mr.Alex Ntiamoah Boakyi,the CEO of Box Office Boxing Promotion syndicate as a young Boxing Promoter but I think for now in Ghana,he is not only a matured Promoter but arguably the finest.
He managed to staged the Bukum Banku vrs Ayitey Powers fight couple of years ago at the Accra Sports Stadium which recorded an historic turnout.

Ghana Boxing needs more of such rivalry from our boxers to provide Promoters and Matchmakers with the required impetus for promotions.


Unfortunately though the strategy adopted by the Bukum Banku team to disorganised Bastie and his camp ahead of the fight rather went against them psychologically.

The confusion that took morethan 20 minutes was avoidable if the Referee,Fred Ghattey had done what is expected of him in the locker room.

Officially,before such a crucial fight,Referees are required to meet both boxers in their dressing rooms and remind them of the rules of the fight and agree on the prescribed gloves for the fight.
Short meetings are organised by the referee with both teams to agree on the official gloves and then he the Referee will sign on both gloves before boxers mount the ring to avoid any misunderstanding.

I guess the Referee ignored those important verification processes because it’s not a championship bout but a mere nontitle fight.

The nature of the fight and the high expectations attached to the it should have warranted all those check and balances prior to the fight regardless.

The interventions of the GBA Chairman,Lawyer Peter, Ike Quartey and Atta Eddie Pappoe helped to convinced the camp of Bastie to have agreed to changed their boxer’s gloves with a new pair of gloves.

Me think both the GBA and the Promoter should come out and apologise to the public and promise it will never happen again.


Round 1:
Both Bukum Banku and Bastie Samir started this round with study and care especially in the first minute.After trading few jabs and overhead punches,the two boxers strangely opened fire at each other with fast pace leg movements and hand speed which saw Bukum Banku’s right hand touching the canvas but the referee never saw it to execute the mandatory 10 counts.
Perhaps the Judges saw it and if so,then obviously it’s Bastie’s round.10-9

Round 2:

This round saw both boxers maintaining the high tempo with body shots,jabs and great body movements.Banku in this round landed effective punches with Bastie landed just a few because clearly his main target was to stop his oponent.
By my scoring card Banku won this round.10-9

Round 3:
Bastie Samir immediately by the sound of the bell,exhibited a ferocious desire to introduce a new dimension.Samir dictated the flow of this round with hefty puches to the body of Banku and in retaliation,Banku ended up with countless mistakes.The ring generationship of Samir in this round became manifested when he landed a powerful punch during an infighting with Banku which nearly took him out of the ring but was saved by the ropes.
Referee Ghattey instantaneously came to Banku’s rescue but went on with the mandatory 10 counts.
Samir automatically won this round. 10-8

Round 4:
After the incident in round 3,I told those seated by me that Bastie would stop Banku in the subsequent rounds because of the effects of the landed punches in the previous round.
Interestingly Banku recovered remarkably with a huge sign of hope to make amends.
Both boxers delivered accurate punches and jabs but Bastie would be warned twice by the referee for below the belt punches.Banku’s delivery at this stage was quite encouraging but with a very porous defence.Banku won this round on my score card.10-9

Round 5:
The corner of Bastie observed the quick recovery of Banku and in this round urged their boxer to open fire with punch precision and potency.Bastie came into the picture with some great jabs even though looked very tired at this stage.Both boxers traded good punches and at a point came on the same wavelength but with some few clinical punches,Bunku won the round on my score card.10-9.

Round 6:
This was the round Banku promised to stop Bastie and so there was a chorus from the spectators…round 6!!round 6!! The exhausted Banku knew at this stage that his promise couldn’t be met because he needed to recalibrate his game plan with a very tactical boxer.

Both boxers slowed down their work rate to conserve energy in this round.Tiredness became vivid in this round but getting to the last minute of the round some excellent punches were traded with Bastie intermittently turning to his corner for directive.Undoubtedly the fight is getting to the wire because both boxers are knockout experts and are not conversant with going through 12 round of boxing as it were.Bastie won this round on my score card.10-9

Round 7.
At this stage many boxing pundits were anticipating the fight to travel the distance because of the fight makeups exhibited by the two pugilists.
This round started slowly with the usual exchang of jabs,overhead punches and body shots.
Bastie landed some few hefty punches with Banku also supplying few jabs but often dropped his guards to indicate tiredness and frustration.
Just after instruction from his Trainer,Asare,Bastie aggressively digged deep into Banku’s body with effective body shots and then unleashed deadly and ferocious blows which instantly sent Banku dazed.
The thunderous shouts from the spectators was enough to sent the undefeated Banku wobbling with his hands and body leaned onto the ropes for survival.
Every single person at the Bukum Boxing Arena stood up to have a clear picture of how the unbeaten is about taste his first defeat.
Referee Ghattey shocked me for not ending the fight at that point when Banku was in deep trouble with a cut on top of his right eye.

What we saw was that the referee instead invited Doctor S.A.Quaye for check up and verification.The Doctor gave the approval for the fight to continue without taken cognisance of the boxers health.

Bastie Samir never hesitated when the referee asked the boxers to continue with the fight.With the short break,Bastie was able to gather sufficient energy which saw him squarely in the saddle with ferocious punches that where never countered by Banku.
Unbelievably Braimah Kamoko aka Bukum Banku humbly sat down with his back against the ropes to signify the swallowing of the most bitterest pill in his 17 year professional boxing career.

Bastie Samir was declared the winner by a 7 round Technical knockout decision.

I just remember couple of years ago when Bastie Samir mounted the ring and requested the mic from me to call the bluff of Braimah Kamoko.The fight came on and Bastie won.Amazing.

I first of all congratulate the boxers for their great efforts.I mean the training,interviews and all that went into the build up which attracted such a huge crowd.

The Promoter must be applauded for his commitment and resilience in helping to place Ghana back to it glorious boxing days.Box Office Boxing Promotion Syndicate and its CEO Alex Ntiamoah Boakyi should be recognised and be awarded accordingly.

The mistakes committed by the Referee could be forgiven but let’s all help to avoid similar occurrence in future.

Braimah Kamoko did very well especially the seriousness he actually attached to training for this very fight.I believe Banku lost the fight from his corner and the weight shedding.Banku fighting as a Light Heavyweight or Cruserweight is a total different boxer.A perfect lesson for the boxer and his experience trainer, Wadada.

Coach Asare has maitained over the past 18 years a lasting relationship with Bastie and has benefited from it in a very high profile fight.Bastie Samir was a former captain of the Black Bombers under Coach Asare for a period of 8 years.

Bastie had a good day and must be thankful for everything especially the amazing work of his corner,the fans and the mishaps from the Banku’s corner.

Bastie must work on his stamina and jabs.I realised the massive improvement in his punching power.He should also work on his hand speed and overhead shots.
I really admire his level of confidence before and during the fight.He needs to consolidate it and add more value to his boxing skills for the sake of his fans.

In conclusion,I think a rematch may offer Ghana another interesting boxing bonanza.I urge the promoter and the two camps to come together and let’s have Banku vrs Samir “2”



CREDIT : Mohammed Amin Lamptey

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