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In a seldom fashion, Argentina captain Lionel Andres Messi has spoken to the press for the first time he and his Argentine teammates gave the media a black out after Ezekiel Lavezzi was accused of smoking Indian Hem during the Copa America Centenario.

Messi had an intensive and interesting interview TyC Sports ahead of their international friendly with Russia on Saturday. The Football Star spoken on some controversial issues that have been lingering around him and the Albiceleste

On World Cup 2018 Qualification and Participation
“We suffered more than we should have because we could have qualified before we did. I always thought we would go forward and make it but I also thought we would beat Venezuela at home and Peru at home to seal qualification before getting to Ecuador.

“When we were losing (against Ecuador), obviously a lot of things went through my head but we were lucky not to go crazy, we drew quickly and after that took the advantage.”

“I wouldn’t like to cross Spain which is a team we could get in the group stages. For the play that they have, it’ll be a very difficult opponent. I would prefer to avoid them. Spain, Brazil, Germany and France (as well as Spain) today are the best and play the best.”


Argentina National Team
“It’s a lack of respect that they say my friends play. It angers me when they say I select players. HIGUAIN continues to demonstrate that he plays a a high level.

“I laugh because there’s a lot of crazyness when they talk about my friends. They talk about DI MARIA, AGUERO, HIGUAIN, MASCHERANO, they are world class players, it’s a lack of respect to them and to me that they say they play because they are my friends. Millions of people say that I play my friends or I make the team, it’s all lies.

“It was all shown that everything they said was a lie. The last one was that we said we didn’t want Mauro (ICARDI). I’ve never chosen nor left a player out, it’s not my ways.”


On other topics:
“Our families want us to win something with the National Team more than we want. The family suffers the most.”

“It’s always great drinking mate (tea), be it with Luis (SUAREZ) or Kun. And more than just the mate, the conversations are great.”

“Now, I control the remote control in our room (when with the National Team with AGUERO) because I don’t know what kind of crap Kun has on his phone, games or not, he’s always on it.”

When asked if his things are always in order and AGUERO’s things are a disaster:
“Yeah, it’s the same at home for me too. Maybe a bit much. I try to get the boys (Thiago and Mateo) to do the same. Thiago’s starting but Mateo is a disaster.”

About DYBALA’s comments of MESSI being difficult to play with:
“We spoke with DYBALA and I understood what he tried to say, others have tried to say it in a different way. He doesn’t have to clarify anything.”

About his talk with MARADONA at The Best ceremony:
“With MARADONA, we had a g a talk.”


“Playing at La Bombonera was a beautiful experience.”

Lionel MESSI on playing with Newell’s Old Boys:
“I would like to play in Newell’s, to play in the Primera, to be on the pitch, a pitch which I’ve gone to see several matches. But I don’t know what’s going to happen today nor in a couple of years, where I’m going to be, how I would be going back. I can’t say I’m going to go back and I’m going to play. I would like that I and I always say it but I don’t know what will happen. Hopefully it could be like that and I can play at Newell’s, which is what I have dreamed of since being a kid.”


Source : Mundoalbiceleste

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