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Dr Kofi Amoah defends the decidion to pay players directly

Dr. Kofi Amoah the leader for Ghana’s Normalization Committee has emphasized on the need to prioritize the concerns of local footballers.

Dr. Amoah made these revelations in an interview on Asempa FM following his outfit’s decision to pay the remuneration of players directly from their end and no more from the clubs.

The Normalization Committee announced on Tuesday that they have secured an $800,000 government sponsorship for their proposed competition.

“We’ve listened to the players and all the concerns they raised about their salaries and issues relating to it. The players are the main actors of the game and we must do things to demonstrate that the players deserve what they must get. What is due to the clubs will go to them and what is due to the players will go to them. The game is for the players,” he said.

The Normalisation Committee met with most captains of clubs in the Ghana Premier League.

“The player is important and the clubs themselves even agree. Revelations from our meeting with the players was very revealing and we must focus on player-club relationship,” he added.

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