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Football Clubs in Ghana are not professional – FIFA

Football Clubs in Ghana are reported to be lagging behind in terms of professional status in football management.

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A report released by the headquarters of world football Federation of International Football associations (FIFA) has confirmed this.

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The FIFA Professional Football Report 2019 has revealed that about 64 clubs in the Premier Division and Division One of Ghana League are behind the professional status of the game.

Clubs in Ghana could not meet the requirements put down by the observing committee in order to mark them as Professional Clubs.

The report looked at information given by 211 member associations across several themes such as player labour issues and the implementation of club licensing regulations.

The report said Africa has 600 professional football clubs and Senegal has the most with 48. Tunisia (38), Cote d’Ivoire (38), Zambia (36) and Cameroon (33) follow in that order.

The Ghana Football association instituted the Clubs licensing regulations in 2013 but that has not yielded much results six years on.

The current FA led by Mr. Kurt Okraku have began putting strict measures across to ensure clubs work in accordance to the regulations.

Premier league clubs have been given the ultimatum to get coaches with CAF Lenience A or its equivalent before they can manage the clubs in the upcoming 2019- 2020 season.

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