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It Hurts To Remember Pacquiao Fight-Joshua Clottey

Jousha Clottey , Ghana’s Former IBF welterweight world champion, has said he has not retired yet and still have great strength in him to box. 

The Ghanaian boxer is confident he will surely achieve a world title in the near future and that his management is working tirelessly to conclude all the arrangement.

He said:  “I am still in boxing, I have not retired yet. But I love to rest a lot these days at my age . . . I still have a lot in me to offer . . . I’m not getting younger anymore but I believe am fit to continue to fight,”.

“My manager is working to get me a world title fight.”

He disclosed that,he was scheduled to fight between later part of 2016 but there has been some changes with rules at the New York Boxing Commission which states  that you must offer a $1million to a boxer you promote as insurance and that has obstructed this chance to fight this year.

He again said: “ . . I feel good in the gym, I feel normal when am sparing so I feel that I can still continue to fight,”

The tough striking puncher pronounced his return to the ring in 2013, adding that he had been dormant because of managerial  issues when he boxed with Dashon Johnson in September 2014.
Joshua Clottey made a straightforward win of Johnson, winning a dominant and wide unanimous decision.

He further went on to thrash Anthony Mundine,a former middleweight champion.

Saul Canelo Alvarez was scheduled to fight Joshua Clottey that same year, however the fight never happened, Canelo was reported to have developed an ankle injury.

“When the time comes, I will do every thing to prove Ghanaians wrong that I still have a lot in me,” he said.

He said this on that he missed a great opportunity when he fought eight-division world champion, Manny Pacquiao, however he believe his Managers are working very well for him to get another chance at the world title again.

“It really hurt me a lot when I remember that fight . . . ”

“Life is always like that, its up and down but I believe the Almighty will make me pass through,” he stated.

when the topic of “Juju” among sportmen was asked, he quickly added that it was the strength of God that has seen him through his fights.
“Some sportsmen use juju but me I use my strength and whatsoever that happens to me I give thanks to God,” .

He again said that he was would have ended his career now, if he had taken all his best chances that came on his way.

“I believe this is the time that am supposed to have ended my boxing career, because when I was active in the ring, I fought some great fights . . . the Manny Pacquiao fight is really a setback in my life and I give God the thanks,” he courageously said that the best is yet to come.

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