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Bartomeu takes stock of 2016 at FC Barcelona

Bartomeu has made a balance of 2016 in FC Barcelona at a press conference

The Barça leader has also referred to the reduction of the penalty to Real Madrid in relation to the breach of the legislation on under-age signings, which confirmed that they will speak with the lawyers who have taken the case since they were the same as there was hired the Barça.
President Bartomeu has confirmed his optimism in the renewal of Messi and also has pointed out that he has been unfair to him for his problems with the Treasury.
So far the press conference of President Bartomeu, who has wanted to wish good holidays to those present and has valued the season of the team with an 8.
They asked him about the posthumous tribute to Johan Cruyff: “It is a very important loss, as it would also include Manel Vich. Cruyff was instrumental in understanding what the club is today.” The family has a proposal from the club to pay a permanent tribute to his figure, but we will always do it according to the family. ”

They asked him about why Sandro Rosell resigned: “He made a statement on personal grounds and must be respected. I will not add anything else, I will leave someday too.”

They asked him about the tribute to the Dream Team: “It is being organized by the club from the social area. It would have to be at the end of the season, as many of those players are now coaches and can attend without problems.”

He was asked about the price of Neymar: “True, they have to add another 2 million euros for being a finalist in the Golden Ball, so it would be at 24.6 million euros.”

They asked about the price dance in the transfer of Neymar: “The figures of the signing of Neymar initially were 57.1 million, but if we subtract the 40 that his father charged remain at 17.1, there are hat add the fine of 5.5 million as a result of the pact in the ‘Neymar I’ case.
Neymar: “In the world of football, the players play where they want and Neymar decided to sign for Barça. No one forced him to play at Barça, it was his personal decision. Much sense the ‘Neymar II case’.

“We do not think of Qatar Airways as a sponsor of the stadium, but rather as the airline of the club. The relationship is good and fluid and would be a good option to continue with this alliance,” he said.

They asked him about the Espai d’Animació and his three expelled: “It is a space that is designed and coordinated with the Mossos d’Esquadra.” The expelled ones have not behaved correctly and broke the commitment with which they had entered. Go into more detail. ”

They ask about what remains of the year: “I would keep the image of the ‘Masia 360’, with all the young athletes in the Palau”

They asked him about his overall balance of the year: “Historically, Barça has always been in trouble, there have always been judicial issues. We want to focus on the sporting area, we do not want to see folders again.”

They asked about the confirmation of the reduction of sanction to Real Madrid: “We will talk with them and with the lawyers, who were the same as ours, to know if there are differences in the cases”

They ask him about the economic viability of the club: “There will be no problem in this aspect. Espai Barça can be financed almost in half with the naming rights.”

“UEFA has understood that any kind of symbols that do not incite hatred or violence can be worn. It will not be a problem if someone is wearing a star.”

“We regret the loss of Susana Monje, she did a great job, and in the next few months we will name a substitute. She has helped make a Barça more sustainable and more competitive.”

They ask him about possible movements in the squad: “No entries or exits are contemplated. Robert Fernandez travels a lot around the world to have the reports updated if he wants to incorporate someone.

They ask about the Accountability Action and the role of the insurer Zurich: “Zurich maintains the coverage to the six executives who have not yet adhered to the pact.”

Bartzokas and De la Fuente are doing a good job, I hope that after Christmas the injured players will be able to join the dynamics of the game. “We have made a significant change, coach and technical director. We have had significant casualties.

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