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National Sports Authority has bank Account blocked for huge debts


In a bid to retrieve monies owed them, one of National Sports Authority creditors has obtained a court order to block the bank accounts of the Authority.

National Sports Authority is also immersed in a $380,000 judgement debt to be paid to one Litina Travel and Tour and other unnamed creditors.

The Travel agency took to the court after a contract it legally won was handed to another company for Ghana’s participation at the 2015 All Africa Games, it is understood.

Confirming the news, a helpless spokesperson for the Sports Authority, Frederica Mensah-Davies said “these debts have been there in the last 4 to 5 years.”

“Some, since activities that took place like going on trips that we owe the travel agents have been hanging on since 2013 and unfortunately, we’ve not been able to service all those debts.

“Most of them decided to take us to court and as I speak, our account has been garnished,” she added.

The NSA is not only broke but a vehicle for the operations of the office too has been confiscated.

“Two days ago, a court order came and one of our buses had to be taken away. A Policeman came with a bailiff and it had to be taken away,” she further revealed.

The National Sports Authority (NSA) is the umbrella organization under which the various Sports Association operate.

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