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Dani Alves – I respect Cristiano Ronaldo

Dani Alves has spoken about his fights with Cristiano Ronaldo during his past life as a Barcelona player. 

The Juventus right-back insists he respects the Real Madrid forward and says everything was blown up by the press.

“All my fights with Cristiano were because of the press,” he said in a wide ranging interview with ABC.

“If people only knew how much I respect Cristiano Ronaldo. I will repeat it to make myself clear: I respect Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Everyone tells me what a fantastic professional he is. As for CR7, it’s different, he was my rival and I had to compete with him.

“When I said he always wanted the limelight, that when you win you are going to be the star but when you lose they will go for you, I said it in a very respectful way.

“And I think the same of [Lionel] Messi or Neymar. But my thoughts were not negative. What happens is that the press sold them differently, saying that I had spoken ill of him. And Ronaldo believed it.

“That’s why he did not greet me at the Ballon d’Or gala in 2015. I do not need to talk about anyone to go out in the newspapers. I have no ego.”

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