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Jardim – Whatever City presents the idea is the same

Monaco Coach Leonardo Jardim

Much hope has raised so far the duel between Manchester City and Monaco, seemingly even though in the north of England see the whole ofGuardiola something above: “I will try to send a message to my players: no matter who we play, the idea Is the same, “said Leonardo Jardim , the Monegasque coach. The Portuguese, however, showed respect towards a rival who considers “strong, skilled in transition and safe in defense, after not conceding many goals lately.”

The coach of Monaco also made a mention of his counterpart in the City,Pep Guardiola : “He’s a colleague, we share a profession. He is an excellent professional, he has succeeded where he has gone but it is difficult to talk and value people you do not know personally, “said Jardim, who compared his team to the celestes:” We like to have possession, technically we are good Endowed and we are compact, but the value of the City in the market is much greater, “he said in the Etihad press room.

With all the template available for tomorrow’s match, Leonardo Jardimspoke at length about Falcao , the attacking reference in the Principality’s squad: “I knew him long before his time in England – at Manchester United. In fact, I did when it cleared in Porto. It is easy to work with him, we have been specific in his recovery and he is back in shape. We are very happy because he is a capital player for the team, “said the Portuguese, who hinted that he will not play with two points:” Falcao and Mbappe are complementary, but probably one out of the beginning and the other part as a substitute. ” The logical thing, except for last minute surprise, is that the striker of French origin is the victim before a scenario in which the Colombian has much more experience.

Jardim concluded his appearance to the media in response to the interest he may have in training one day in England: “All coaches and players want to reach the highest level, and the Premier League is nowadays one of the best European leagues. Of course I would like to, but as stressedFabinho we have a contract in Monaco, a project that delights us and always with respect ahead, “added the Portuguese, brave to the challenge that awaits him in Manchester.

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