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Pique : We will die with Luis Enrinque


Piqué, at the opening of a few pitas of paddle
Gerard Pique at the inauguration of the Pitas del Padel

Gerard Piqué has reappeared before the media. After several weeks of silence, the central Barca has spoken at the opening of a paddle court in Rubí. Regarding the situation that Barca is going through right now, Piqué has commented that “I see it as surmountable. It is true we are not in the best of times. We took a month and a half without playing the soccer that we would like to play and the most important thing is to be recognizable and that our game is again the one we like to play. ”

Piqué recalled that “we are still alive in all three competitions and we have options in all three, although it is true that in the Champions League it is very difficult but we have seen worse things and with this team we will try until the end.” He has made it clear that “we will try to play what we know” and “do not have doubts that both the coach and the players is what we want. We are focused on finding solutions. ”

The central Barca has defended Luis Enrique and recalled that “when the mentor arrived we came from the absolute shit and with him we won the triplet. I would like us to look back and see all the work the master has done with us. We are to death with the trainer. We are all trying to get through this rot. ”

Piqué understands that “the coach seeks to come out in different ways, to combine one way, the other … the players try to do what we know best and try to carry it out. Maybe it’s not such a tactical topic. It is trust. When everything goes to face and win everything there are days that win at the end of rebound because everything comes. When you’re losing, it’s going backwards. The first thing to do is accept that we’re not at the best moment. I give my word. We are doing everything we can to turn the situation around. ”

The Barça defender has launched a message of optimism, believes that “this team will continue to give a lot to Barcelona” and lamented the whistles that were heard yesterday at the Camp Nou: “I understand the discontent of the fans, but I do not agree With the form in which it expresses it. This team and this trainer have won eight titles, I understand there is no memory, but I can not believe it’s so short. ”

Finally, he has sent a message to the partners facing the PSG party: “Come to the Camp Nou, do not stay at home, because if they lose the comeback then they will be screwed.”



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