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Haye: Bellew is a Chihuahua

David Haye meets Tony Bellew in the ring on Saturday

English duo, Haye and Bellew battle it out for supremacy at the O2 arena on Saturday and both sides have engaged in a bad blood argument before the bout on Saturday.

The duo faced each other in a news conference on Thursday and while many tipped Haye as impassive on the day, Bellew threw some few jibes at his opponent.

The buildup to the much anticipated bout has gone beyond the normal friendliness to a bad blood but Haye antics on Thursday show reality is about to show for the Liverpool man.

He is quoted as saying;

“It is just nerves, he is nervous,” Haye told Sky Sports News HQ. “He is standing there, looking me in the eyes and he has to talk, that’s his MO”.

“He is a Chihuahua, a Chihuahua just starts barking. I’ve got Chihuahuas, I know what they are like. They yap for no reason”.

“They have to start yapping because they fear the big dog might come and bite them, so yapping might scare away the big dog”.

“His yapping means nothing to me. I could see in his eyes, he was shook, it has got real now. It is all good and well, giving all the big talk prior to the fight.”

“He knows in just over 48 hours, he is going to be getting in a ring with me”.

“None of the cameras, none of the security, none of his friends, it is just me and him in a ring with a pair of 10oz gloves on and a referee, who is going to count to 10 over his limp body.”

Haye has been tagged the ‘bad guy’ in the contest but the 36 year old have no business with that. He said;

“It is not about whether I am a nice guy, whether I am a bad guy, whether I am Mother Theresa or an absolute evil, disgusting human being”.

“When the bell rings, who cares? Being the nicest guy in the world doesn’t help you. Otherwise, Mother Theresa would have been the heavyweight champion of the world”.

“Once that bell rings, it is about who is the better athlete, who is faster, who punches harder, who has the better defence, who has the better resume. All these things lead in my favour.

“He is the first guy who has really got under my skin, he has really forced me to get the best out of myself and he is going to be seriously humbled on Saturday night. He has put himself in a real dangerous position.

“He thinks just by eating a load of pork pies and puffing his chest out, he is a heavyweight. It doesn’t work like that”.

“I have been campaigning as a heavyweight since 2008. This is his first rodeo and, unfortunately for him, he is in with the hardest punching heavyweight on the planet.”

David Haye enters the O2 Arena to fight Tony Bellew in a heavyweight fight at London.

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