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Mascherano press conference ahead of the Champions League match against Juventus

FC Barcelona defender Mascherano points out that Barça should play at its best and, on its demarcation, said that “I always said that midfielder is my favorite place, but I have felt comfortable in all the positions I have played”

I don’t think revenge really exists in football. There are opportunities but not revenge because you cannot retrieve what you lost. Juventus have changed a few players since then [the 2015 final], we have also, so we are only focused on playing a good game and earning a good result here. We will not be thinking of the match in Berlin.

After the defeat in Malaga, Javier Mascherano is clear that Barca should improve against Juventus. “We have to be ourselves,” he said before training at Juventus Stadium. “We are very excited about the quarters and playing against a team like Juve. Beyond the defeat, the team was in good tune and we hope to return to that level. ”

He does not think that to pass the tie, it is necessary to be good only in defense: “You need two very complete matches, not only defensively, but also offensive. Not having a good game penalizes you too. ” He concludes that “we need a good match to achieve a good result that allows us to define in Barcelona. We need to be ourselves, because in Champions, not being up to it penalizes you. We are facing a very powerful team, that makes very good numbers of local and that will begin with much desire “.

Regarding the memory of the Berlin final and if it can be a desire for revenge for Juve, he said that “in football there are no revenge, but opportunities. What you lost you can not have. For the fans maybe it can be, but we can only seek our best level. As for the alleged interest shown by Juve to sign it last summer, has been limited to say that “were rumors, there are always in the market. I owe Barcelona, ​​it is an honor and a pleasure to play here. ”

He will face Higuain and Dybala, of whom he says that “they are two great players, you have to put a special tension, they can unbalance at any time. They do not scare us, but we have a lot of respect for them. ” And he says that they will not seek a tie because “we do not know how to speculate, if we do it, we have a chance that we will be very bad. Attacking is the best way to defend, for our mentality. It has worked very well for us. ”

“Gonzalo [Higuain] and Paulo [Dybala] are two great champions. I know their quality really well as I play with them for the national team, so we will have to be very careful against two players who can decide a game with a piece of individual brilliance. My role? I don’t know where and if I will play tomorrow. Midfielder or defender? It doesn’t make much difference for me”. The Argentina vice captain emphasized.

And, with the certainty that he will play (although he assures that he is not so clear) but without knowing in what demarcation, it is possible that he does of mediocentro before the low of Busquets. ‘Masche’ has insisted that ‘I was adapting to play stopper’ or defense by the right and I felt more and more comfortable. Of pivot in the Barça I have not played many times, but it is my original position and in which I most like to play, but I do not have problem, in all that I have played I have felt good. If I had a problem I would tell the coach. “

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