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Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid, appeared before the media in the previous day of the Classic against Barca.

How is the Classic prepared ?: “We are used to it. It’s one more game. There is a lot of wear and tear but there is a lot of hope of doing what we are doing. ”
Media League Won: “For nothing. It’s one more game and there are seven games left and that’s it. We prepared tomorrow’s game. ”

Bale started: “He’s going to be with us tomorrow. You will see the team on match day. ”

Is it to play ninety minutes ?: “You’ll see it tomorrow. It’s the same question. ”

Trust in the team: “Maybe there are people who think that we are confident with Tuesday, but it is not. We are very focused on the game. We are not going to think about what happened before or about what happened next. We want to do our best to win our game. ”

Pressure for Barcelona: “I do not speculate on what the rival thinks. We have three points in play and we will do our best to win. We are looking at our fans and we want to do our best to win. ”

Is there a favorite ?: “Not because it is a game that you have to play, to fight, to work … We are not favorites. People outside may think there is one more favorite than another. ”

First Classical against Barcelona at home: “It’s always special. At stake we have three points. When he pokes the referee we’re going to have to handle the match and that’s it. ”

A Classic with less pressure: “The pressure we always have, but it is not bad. It is a pressure to know that we are going to play an important game and nothing more. We are very convinced of what we do. When you pass the game we will play against a very good opponent that can put us in difficulty. We are in our field and we will try with our fans to win. ”

Marcelo: “He is a complete player, but what I like best is his character. It is very positive and energizes the group. He’s always joking. ”

Details: “We saw the other day playing as we did … But it’s another game that starts. They are small details where one team or the other makes a difference. We are aware and I want to see the team make a good game. If we have intensity and rhythm we can annoy any team. ”

Neymar: “I do not know if he’s going to play.”

Would it be fair to remove the card from Neymar? “I do not see anything. There’s a team coming tomorrow and we’re going to face him. ”

Can Barcelona weigh the elimination ?: “I do not believe and if we think about that we are wrong. It is a very good team that has shown a lot throughout the season. It is a team that will not have pressure to play in the Bernabeu. We have to make a big party. What happened, happened and is another game. ”

Challenges against Barcelona: “I think the game is not decisive no matter what happens. We are missing seven finals and the first starts tomorrow. From here to the end we will go game by game. All matches are important. It’s not a decisive match. ”

Cristiano: “Physically and mentally prepared to make a great game, but like everyone. We always talk about Cristiano in the great appointments, he has always demonstrated it like Tuesday and possibly proves it tomorrow. The energy that transmits to the group is impressive. It’s a great football game, I will not be the main actor, I’ll be a spectator. My players will be the main players and I expect a great game.

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