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The defeat to Barça in the League has left in bad position to the coach of the Madrid, Zinedine Zidane.

The Frenchman will be relieved if he does not win League or Champions. The European tie against Atletico will mark its future . Simeone can become the judge of Zidane. In the White House already shuffle a name for case of total debacle: the German Joachim Löw. Löw has a contract with Germany until 2020, in which he celebrates the European Euro Cup, but also a clause by which he can be rescinded if he is called the greats of Europe, among them Madrid, Barça, United and Bayern.

The other two coaches who have spoken at the Bernabeu are in the Premier, Conte and Pochettino , but both are tightly contractually bound by their respective clubs, Chelsea and Tottenham. The contracting of Conte would raise the problem of a radical change of system, given his taste for the use of a defense with three plants.

Real Madrid has already dispensed with three coaches who won the Champions: Heynckes, Del Bosque and Ancelotti. Zidane may be the fourth if Madrid clicks on the League. But what would be definitive is a turmoil on the part of Atletico in the Champions. That would be a displeasure that Florentino would be unable to digest.

Löw is the candidate if Zidane fails in Liga and Champions

Something Zidane must intuit. Therefore, within a period of only four days (on the eve of recent league matches against Atletico and Leganés), he repeated twice that his future is not clear . “Am I sure to follow? No, not at all, that’s why I’m not preparing anything. I’m working on what I have left this season. I know what it’s like to train Real Madrid for good and bad and I’m prepared for everything. I always talk about the next game, I’m interested in that, it’s always going to be like this until the last day that I stay as coach here. I care about tomorrow’s game, the rest I do not know what will happen, “said the Frenchman, who does not give stitches without wire.

In Zidane ‘s submission, his submission to the BBC , his lack of resources to make changes in some matches and, finally, his inability to stop the growing discontent of players like Isco, Morata, Asensio and James , who in Many times have felt unfairly relegated to their substitution and poor performance of, especially, Bale and Benzema.

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