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Jorge Sampoli has taken time to confirm what was already known, but finally he has spoken unabashedly of his imminent march to Argentina to lead the Albiceleste. Everything is at the expense of one thing: “I have a contract that will be solved by the AFA with the president of Seville.”

“I’m not leaving Sevilla for another club, I’m leaving Sevilla, if it is given, for my selection. It’s a change linked to my heart for my country,” said the coach still in Sevilla at the press conference prior to the duel against Osasuna.

Sampaoli has acknowledged that, over the course of the months, “the possibility of realizing the dream of improving what we achieved” was very exciting. The Sevilla project was very exciting and it took him to fight the tournament in the second year. to Argentina”.

Casilda wanted to emphasize that “I handled very clearly with the president, with the people of the club,” noting that “Seville was aware of everything.” And he also talked about the reasons why he did not go out in the summer and now he does: “In the summer I did not leave because I had to take over the new squad that I did together with Monchi, from one day to the next I could not leave what This moment is different, I did not believe that this possibility of the selection could be opened again. ”

The moment to deal with the matter: “This has to be solved on time, not before, because we were playing a lot of things, today I can sit and evaluate and talk. There was a very important link between this shirt and I. There were enough joys to smear this with things that have no relevance, or even certainties. Will have to resolve the AFA with Sevilla. ”

His meeting with Castro: “I only spoke with the president that I was anxious to lead the game on Saturday. If there is the possibility of leaving and it is concrete in formal terms, and that there is no fracture with Sevilla, which is the club That he chose me, to be resolved (his departure to Argentina) .It is what I said: The president understood it and told me that he would communicate to me at every moment. ”

Not to be on the bench against Osasuna: “No one is going to get me out of the last game of the Sevilla bench, what justification do I do? A lie told a hundred times becomes true, I can not refute someone who invents something. Even if he had reached an agreement he would not have stopped directing the last match of Sevilla. ”

The reception of the fans: “The hobby is going to receive me as I want, you will surely receive me with what you have consumed from the media and networks. The condition is that people should fail or not go unnoticed, because what is important is the team”.

Berizzo: “I know him, I have great respect for him, he has three years in LaLiga with Celta in a good level. But I’m not who to say who is the ideal for Sevilla, that’s for the people in charge. The comparatives are sometimes coincident or hateful. I can not comment on what is not my job. ”

Analysis of its passage by Seville: “I want to achieve 72 points to remain in club history the game is as important as the first, we will look for that possibility the balance for me personally and the group.. Has been a year of high competition with the best teams.We were out of the Champions League by misjudging two penalties unfairly, having an average of 1.70 goals per game.Her Sevilla was always urging the teams that seem insalvables in LaLiga. All this brought us close to the essence of the Seville fan. All this makes us think that the year filled us with enthusiasm for almost 12 months.

The payment of the clause by the AFA: “Surely there are other possibilities, but I do not get into other things, I only give the ok to some circumstances that force me to change the path that I traced as a coach to succeed in Europe. Last months I had six opportunities to go to European teams and I knew about the clause. “

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