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Everything is ready for what many have already baptized as “the wedding of the year”, that of Leo Messi and Antonela Rocuzzo . Argentina, Rosario and Barcelona vibrate with the link of the best player in history and his girlfriend of a lifetime, which is celebrated tomorrow in the couple’s hometown .

A huge security deployment will ensure the safety of the 260 guests at the party, from world football stars to world-class singers. Many are the names that will make the wedding possible or have some prominent role in the link. These are 1 0 highlights , in addition, of course, those of Messi and Antonella .

1. BARÇA: As it could not be otherwise, the club culé, home of Leo from the age of 13, will be the team most represented at the wedding of Messi and Antonela. Almost all of Barca’s squad, with an exception like Andrés Iniesta , who has already advanced his absence due to the recent birth of his daughter, or Denis Suárez , in the European Under-21, will go to the link.

Also will be present ex-companions of Leo like Xavi Hernandez , Carles Puyol , Pinto , Deco and, of course, Cesc Fabregas , one of his best friends.

Xavi, y Puyol, a su llegada a Rosario.

2. ROSARIO: The birthplace of Messi and ‘Anto’ will be the place where the ceremony will take place. The couple decided to marry at the Casino City Center , one of Rosario’s highlights . Inside the complex is the Pullman Hotel , where the banquet and party after the link will take place.

As for the weather, while in Spain is very hot, in Rosario is midwinter and temperatures will be between 10 and 19ºC. Luckily, there is no rain forecast, so Messi and Antonella can rest easy.

At Casino City Center in Rosario, the Catalan and Argentine flags are already visible.

3. RONALDINHO: Ronnie has been one of the late-night absences of the link. The Brazilian, one of the idols of Messi and his mentor in his first steps in the club can not be next to his friend as he will be disputing a game with Blaugrana, forming part of Barca Legends against Manchester United.

Barça. Training in the Sports City. Ronaldinho visited his ex-teammates.

4. SHAKIRA: Much has been speculated about the presence of the Colombian diva, Gerard Piqué’s partner , at the party. Some gossip that the singer has cut from the root confirming, if there is a last minute change, her presence in Rosario. It seems that, due to their commitments, Shakira’s passage for Rosario will be a visa and not seen, enough to shut some mouths.


Leo Messi, along with Shakira, at the Golden Ball 2011 delivery gala.

5. MARADONA: There has also been much speculation as to whether ‘The Lint’ would be at Lionel’s wedding. The truth is that Diego was not on the guest list of Messi, which has not always spoken in terms of praise.

6. ROSA CLARÀ: For this special day, Antonela has chosen one of Rosa Clarà’s designs , with which she shares a friendship. Without going any further, the future woman of Messi was watching one of his parades.

Antonela went with other WAGs to the last Rosa Clarà show.

The dress, which arrived in Rosario earlier this month, guarded by two security agents, will surely be tight and mermaid cut. In addition, according to the latest designs of Catalan and the style of the bride, could also wear some shine and a pronounced neckline.

7. GIORGIO ARMANI: The prestigious Italian designer has been chosen by Leo Messi to make his boyfriend suit. Leo already dressed of Armani in the last Gala of the Ball of Gold to which it came, which supposed a change since in the previous one had worn costumes, that gave much to speak, of the Italian also Dolce & Gabbana .

8. CLAUDIO COSANO: Celia María Cuccittini , Messi’s mother, and María Sol , her sister, have chosen two dresses from the prestigious Argentine designer Claudio Cosano . Although not many details are known about the designs, Cosano explained in an interview that “they gave me total freedom” and that “my dresses impact”.

As you can see in your Twitter account, your designs often have transparencies and many shines. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see the final result.


9. PRINCESITA KARINA: La cumbia the music protagonist of the party. Messi and Antonela will have the performance of the Princess Karina , partner of the footballer Kun Agüero . The singer of cumbia is one of the stars of the Argentine music of the moment. She and the soccer player are already in Rosario waiting for the big day.

Also will act the Uruguayan group Rombai , with more cumbia and something of pop. The band, in which they sing Fernando Vazquez and Emilia Mernes, is very popular in Argentina and has filled the great theaters of the whole country.

Kun Agüero and his partner, Karina Princess

10. ANDRÉS PREUMAYR: The couple has chosen Andres Preumayr as the link photographer. The Argentine already worked previously for the family, since it was also who did the photos in the wedding of Paula Roccuzzo, the sister of Antonela. The style of the photographer stands out for its blank images and for focusing on the details of the event, not just the bride and groom.


Credit : El Mundo

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