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Ghanaian boxer, Joseph Kwadjo, is expected to be released today from the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva after it was reported that he was involved in an alleged hit and run road accident in Suva, Fiji, a fortnight ago.

And he will rest for six weeks.

But so far police are still looking for the driver and the vehicle which was involved in the alleged accident.

Kwadjo said he was training along Grantham Road adjacent to Sports City about 4am when the alleged incident happened.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed no one had been apprehended.

Kwadjo, 32, in an interview with Fiji Times said:

“I am glad I am alive and it was a near death experience,” he said.

“Things happened for a reason and it was a turning point for me, I guess I had to appreciate what life had to offer for me than anything else in this world especially family,” Kwadjo said.

“I was running and enjoying the morning breeze when suddenly I felt something big hit my right waist from the back. It was a car.

“I fell down and I remembered the car dragged me a few metres ahead then it stopped. All I could hear was the screeching of tyres and then everything went dark and silent.

“Next thing I remembered that I woke up at the hospital with my brother sitting beside me. I asked him what happened and he told me everything. I was in pain and shock, but was grateful that I am alive,” he said.

Kwadjo was supposed to fight Sorokoba native Savenaca Naliva in last week’s main supporting bout for the Canada Fiji Southern Boxing Promotion held at Nadi’s Prince Charles, but cancelled because of the accident.

Kwadjo, who is originally from Ghana, has been in the country for the past eight years and has committed himself to develop the sport further.

He has fought 34 bouts and won 23 including 18 knockouts while he lost 11.

“For the past few days at the hospital, it taught me a great lesson to always be careful on the road and be thankful for your life because once you’re dead there is no turning back, no asking forgiveness.

“The staff at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital have been very supportive and everyone who visited me.”

He has been medically advised to rest for six weeks.

“I’ll be back in the boxing arena and I am so looking forward to that,” he said.

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