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Valtteri Bottas won the Austrian Grand Prix beating Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo to win his second Grand Prix of the year. Lewis Hamilton who is the kingpin when it comes to Formula 1 finished 4th.

The race saw eighth placed Hamilton finish fourth to ensure he moves to 20 points behind Sebastian Vettel who leads the championship.

The race was keenly contested as Vettel came close to finishing ahead of Bottas but the Finnish hung on to record his second Grand Prix victory.

Austrian shown off their traditions at the Grand Prix yesterday

Before the start of the race in Austria,the teeming spectators were introduced to the traditions of the country before the Vienna Boys choir sang the Austrian national anthem.

The Vienna Boys Choir sang to the hearing of the spectators the Austrian national anthem

Bottas said after the hottest race;

“I had a bit of deja vu in the end from Russia. Vettel was catching up but the problem was I had a massive [tyre] blister”.

“At the beginning, I could control the race but it was trickier towards the end.

“I’m really happy. It’s only the second win in my career. I think that was the start of my life”, he added.

Sebastian Vettel who lead the championship but finished second to Bottas also said he was very ‘close’. He indicated; “I was very happy in the second stint of the race. As soon as we put on the super-soft tyre, the car came alive. I think I needed one more lap because Bottas was really struggling to get up the hill.”

Ricciardo who finished third also added his voice. He lamented; “It was a fun race. There were some decisive moments at the start and then it was about defending the last couple of laps”.

“But I stuck to my breaking points and held off. Max Verstappen got the home podium last year and I was a bit envious, so it’s nice to be up”, he added.

“The second last lap was the tightest and Hamilton got close but I was very pleased to see the chequered flag”, Ricciardo continued.

The F1 season continues this weekend with the British Grand Prix.

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