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Usain Bolt and Mo Farah will make their final bows in track and field at London 2017, aiming to sign off with yet more gold medals.

Bolt, who has completed the 100m-200m sprint double at the last two World Championships, plans to compete in the 100m as he bids farewell in the stadium where he won three Olympic golds in 2012.

Meanwhile, Farah seeks to cement his status as arguably the greatest distance runner ever by completing an unprecedented fifth double in the 5,000m and 10,000m, having won both titles at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics as well as at the 2013 and 2015 worlds.

Other British medal hopes include Laura Muir in the 1500m and 5,000m, Dina Asher-Smith in the 100m and Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the heptathlon.


*All times listed are BST. Fixtures and event start times are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible for any changes. Also, coverage on BBC Red Button can be subject to late schedule changes, so details may differ from this page.

* Athletes listed below are subject to qualifying requirements, fitness and change of personal plans

Friday, 4 August

One gold medal to be won: Men’s 10,000m

Athletes to look out for: Mo Farah (men’s 10,000m), Laura Muir (women’s 1500m), Usain Bolt (men’s 100m)

Evening session

19:00 – Men’s 100m preliminary

19:20 – Men’s discus qualifying

19:30 – Men’s long jump qualifying

19:35 – Women’s 1500m qualifying

19:45 – Women’s pole vault qualifying

20:20 – Men’s 100m first round

20:45 – Men’s discus qualifying

21:20 – Men’s 10,000m final

Saturday, 5 August

Four gold medals to be won: Men’s 100m, women’s 10,000m, men’s long jump, men’s discus

Athletes to look out for: Usain Bolt (men’s 100m), Katarina Johnson-Thompson (heptathlon), David Rudisha (men’s 800m), Laura Muir (women’s 1500m semi-final), Wayde van Niekerk (men’s 400m)

Morning session

10:00 – Men’s shot put qualifying

10:05 – Heptathlon 100m

10:35 – Women’s hammer throw qualifying

10:45 – Men’s 400m first round

11:00 – Women’s triple jump qualifying

11:30 – Heptathlon high jump

11:45 – Women’s 100m first round

12:05 – Women’s hammer throw qualifying

12:45 – Men’s 800m first round

Evening session

19:00 – Heptathlon shot put

19:00 – Men’s 100m semi-finals

19:25 – Men’s discus final

19:35 – Women’s 1500m semi-finals

20:05 – Men’s long jump final

20:10 – Women’s 10,000m final

21:00 – Heptathlon 200m

21:45 – Men’s 100m final

Sunday, 6 August

Six gold medals to be won: Men’s and women’s marathons, heptathlon, women’s pole vault, men’s shot put, women’s 100m

Athletes to look out for: Katarina Johnson-Thompson (heptathlon), Eilidh Doyle (women’s 400m), Andrew Pozzi (men’s 110m hurdles), Wayde van Niekerk (men’s 400m), Elaine Thompson (women’s 100m), Renaud Lavillenie (pole vault)

Morning session

10:00 – Heptathlon long jump

10:05 – Men’s 3,000m steeplechase first round

10:40 – Men’s pole vault qualifying

10:55 – Men’s marathon*

11:05 – Men’s 400m hurdles first round

11:45 – Heptathlon javelin qualifying

11:55 – Women’s 400m first round

12:55 – Men’s 110m hurdles first round

13:00 – Heptathlon javelin

14:00 – Women’s marathon*

* the men’s and women’s marathons take place around the streets of London

Evening session

19:00 – Women’s pole vault final

19:05 – Women’s javelin qualifying

19:10 – Women’s 100m semi-finals

19:40 – Men’s 400m semi-finals

20:10 – Men’s 100m hurdles semi-finals

20:30 – Women’s javelin qualifying

20:35 – Men’s shot put final

20:40 – Heptathlon 800m (final event)

21:15 – Men’s 800m semi-finals

21:50 – Women’s 100m final

Monday, 7 August

Four gold medals to be won: Women’s hammer throw, women’s triple jump, men’s 110m hurdles, women’s 1500m

Athletes to look out for: Eilidh Doyle (women’s 400m), Andrew Pozzi (men’s 110m hurdles), Laura Muir (women’s 1500m)

Evening session:

18:30 – Men’s triple jump qualifying

19:00 – Women’s hammer throw final

19:15 – Women’s 400m hurdles first round

20:15 – Men’s 400m hurdles semi-final

20:25 – Women’s triple jump final

20:55 – Women’s 400m semi-final

21:30 – Men’s 110m hurdles, final

21:50 – Women’s 1500m final

Tuesday, 8 August

Five gold medals to be won: Women’s javelin, men’s pole vault, men’s 3,000m steeplechase, men’s 800m, men’s 400m

Athletes to look out for: David Rudisha (men’s 800m), Wayde van Niekerk (men’s 200m and 400m), Renaud Lavillenie (pole vault)

Evening session:

18:30 – Women’s 3,000m steeplechase first round

19:20 – Women’s javelin final

19:30 – Men’s 200m first round

19:35 – Men’s pole vault final

20:35 – Women’s 400m hurdles semi-finals

20:40 – Women’s shot put qualifying

21:10 – Men’s 3,000m steeplechase final

21:35 – Men’s 800m final

21:50 – Men’s 400m final

Wednesday, 9 August

Three gold medals to be won: Women’s shot put, men’s 400m hurdles, women’s 400m

Athletes to look out for: Mo Farah (men’s 5,000m), Allyson Felix (women’s 400m), Wayde van Niekerk (men’s 200m)

Evening session:

19:05 – Women’s 200m first round

19:10 – Women’s long jump qualifying

19:20 – Men’s hammer throw qualifying

20:05 – Men’s 5,000m first round

20:25 – Women’s shot put final

20:50 – Men’s hammer throw qualifying

20:55 – Men’s 200m semi-finals

21:30 – Men’s 400m hurdles final

21:50 – Women’s 400m final

Thursday, 10 August

Three gold medals to be won: Men’s triple jump, women’s 400m hurdles, men’s 200m

Athletes to look out for: Laura Muir (women’s 5,000m), Christian Taylor (men’s triple jump), Wayde van Niekerk (men’s 200m)

Evening session:

18:30 – Women’s 5,000m first round

19:05 – Men’s javelin throw qualifying

19:10 – Women’s high jump qualifying

19:25 – Women’s 800m qualifying

20:20 – Men’s triple jump final

20:25 – Men’s 1500m qualifying

20:35 – Men’s javelin throw qualifying

21:05 – Women’s 200m qualifying

21:35 – Women’s 400m hurdles final

21:50 – Men’s 200m final

Friday, 11 August

Four gold medals up for grabs: Women’s long jump, men’s hammer throw, women’s 3000m steeplechase.

Athletes to look out for: Keni Harrison (women’s 100m hurdles), Elaine Thompson (women’s 200m), Robbie Grabarz (men’s high jump)

Morning session:

10:00 – Men’s 100m decathlon

10:10 – Women’s discus throw qualifying

10:45 – Women’s 100m hurdles qualifying

11:05 – Men’s long jump decathlon

11:15 – Men’s high jump qualifying

11:35 – Women’s discus throw qualifying

12:55 – Men’s shot put decathlon

Evening session:

17:00 – Men’s high jump decathlon

19:05 – Women’s 100m hurdles qualifying

19:10 – Women’s long jump final

19:35 – Women’s 800m qualifying

20:10 – Men’s 1500m qualifying

20:30 – Men’s hammer throw qualifying

20:45 – Men’s 400m decathlon

21:25 – Women’s 3,000m steeplechase final

21:50 – Women’s 200m final

Saturday, 12 August

Seven gold medals on offer: Women’s high jump, women’s 100m hurdles, men’s javelin throw, men’s 5,000m, men’s decathlon, women’s and men’s 4x100m relay.

Athletes to look out for: Mo Farah (men’s 5,000m), Keni Harrison (women’s 100m hurdles), Usain Bolt (4x100m relay)

Morning session:

10:00 – Men’s 110m hurdles decathlon

10:35 – Women’s 4x100m relay qualifying

10:55 – Men’s 4x100m relay qualifying

11:00 – Discus throw decathlon

11:20 – Women’s 4x400m relay qualifying

11:50 – Men’s 4x400m relay qualifying

12:20 – Men’s discus throw decathlon

14:15 – Men’s pole vault decathlon

Evening session:

17:30 – Men’s javelin throw decathlon

18:55 – Men’s javelin throw decathlon

19:05 – Women’s high jump final

20:05 – Women’s 100m hurdles final

20:15 – Men’s javelin throw final

20:20 – Men’s 5,000m final

20:45 – Men’s 1500m decathlon

21:30 – Women’s 4x100m relay final

21:50 – Men’s 4x100m relay, final

Sunday, 13 August

The final day sees 11 gold medals decided: Men’s and women’s 20km race walks, men’s and women’s 50km race walks, men’s high jump, women’s discus, women’s 5,000m, women’s 800m, men’s 1500m, women’s and men’s 4x400m relay.

Athletes to look out for: Laura Muir (women’s 5,000m), Caster Semenya (women’s 800m)

Morning session:

07:55 – men’s and women’s 50km race walks

12:20 – women’s 20km race walk

14:20 – men’s 20km race walk

The walks take place on the Mall, St James Park

Evening session:

19:00 – Men’s high jump final

19:10 – Women’s discus throw final

19:35 – Women’s 5,000m final

20:10 – Women’s 800m final

20:30 – Men’s 1500m final

20:55 – Women’s 4x400m relay final

21:15 – Men’s 4x400m relay final

Source: BBC Sports

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