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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has spoken to the press today ahead of the second leg of the Super Cup against FC Barcelona.

The former World player of the year and now coach of Spanish champions, Real Madrid admitted thus ” Barcelona is capable of causing you problems, in football anything is possible, nothing is certain and so we have to play very well in the second tie in order to lift the cup”.


On Neymar

“I don’t know how they’re going to replace Neymar, but I’m not very interested in that because I only concentrate on my own team. We don’t have that much time to think about other teams. I’m only thinking about tomorrow’s game against a difficult opponent. They’re a team with a lot of pride and they’re going to come here wanting to turn the game around. We have to be prepared. The team that plays will try to play in the best possible way, I have no doubt about that. We’re not going to let our guard down because we expect a difficult game, more difficult than the first leg”.

On Asensio and Ronaldo

Zizou said ” he is working so hard and that is good for him and the team, we would be playing so many difficult and different teams in the season so all of us have to work well to see the team win, so he is also doing well”.

He expressed his disappointment for the band imposed on his star striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I hope that when they meet, they will look at it again and revoke the punishment, We are annoyed that they have suspended Ronaldo for five matches after what happened, I don’t know what is going to happen but I am telling you how I feel, I do not interfere with the work of the referee, we can all make mistakes, but let us wait and see what happens tomorrow” Zidane emphasized.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mood
“Everyone can have their opinion but Cristiano Ronaldo is upset because he wants to play and when he doesn’t play he’s not happy, I hope they’ve not got something against Cristiano Ronaldo and people do their job with integrity. We’re upset that we are not going to have him with us for a long time. We’ll wait to see what happens tomorrow. The disciplinary committee is going to meet tomorrow and after that we’ll see what we’re going to do”.

Proud of his squad
“A coach expects his team to be right when the official matches begin. We prepared for that and on the 8th we competed very well, we played very well and won showing our personality. It was down to all the hard work on the tour. We’re happy about what we’ve done so far, but it’s a long season and we still have to work hard. We’re going day to day. I’m very happy with my squad and all the players. Everybody is going to stay but before the 31st anything can happen, that’s out of my control”.

“I’m proud of everything that they’ve done. It wasn’t easy to get here. We’ve got a lot of talent. There is a lot of work behind all this and I value the work of everyone: the players, everyone who works with me and those behind the scenes. We must congratulate everyone for the good work done. It’s the beginning of a long and difficult season. It’s going to get harder every day”.


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