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The President of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) Alejandro Domínguez and the President of FIFA, Mr. Gianni Infantino were welcomed to the headquarters of the Argentine Football Association on Wednesday, October 4.


The FIFA head expressed the emotion “to be in a country and in the city that wrote many of the most exciting pages in the history of football … Thanks to Argentina that football is what it is . Unfortunately, in the last few years it has been a little bad, like FIFA and other federations in the world too. But in such a country there is strength, passion and heart to start working again and seriously, to work for the development of football because it is so and because it has to be like that, “he said.

“They are Argentina and they have to be proud of it, not only here but throughout South America and around the world.” The AFA can do much, not only can, but must do much for world football , because Argentina has to be an example , with players on the court and what is done in the league, in clubs, as well as what fans and referees do. The New FIFA and the New CONMEBOL, needs a strong AFA , with people who want to work for this sport, which makes us cry and fall in love. ”

The CONMEBOL President also addressed President Infantino, stating that “when you travel the world behind the ball you go to various stages, you know many soccer temples, but when you come to Argentina, you come to the football cathedral. From Diego to Leo, where he became part of that fingerprint, which today is part of our logo. ”

The AFA holder thanked the FIFA official for “making a very important effort to come to Argentina in a period of refoundation and reconstruction of Argentine football (…) The AFA understands that it can contribute a lot and is put to the service of world football, “he continued.

The leaders then meet with the Presidents of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, Uruguay Tabaré Vázquez, and Paraguay, Horacio Cartes.



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