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FIFA to disburse funds to member countries with tight accountability measures

The eighth meeting of the FIFA Council was held today in Kigali, Rwanda, where the members of FIFA’s strategic and decision-making body discussed a number of pivotal aspects regarding accountability of funds to be shared among member nations.

Following a thorough consultation process, which was completed at the most recent Development Committee meeting in September, the revised FIFA Forward Development Programme Regulations were presented to the FIFA Council. FIFA’s decision-making body approved the amendments to the document that will regulate Forward 2.0, that is, FIFA’s football development funding for its 211 member associations over the course of the 2019-2022 cycle. During this period:

– Development funds granted to each member association that complies with the regulations will amount to up to USD 6 million, an increase of USD 1 million compared to the previous cycle. This sum is broken down into:

  • up to USD 1 million per year for operational/running costs, of which USD 500,000 is subject to the fulfilment of ten specific activities, including organising men’s, women’s and youth competitions, having active men’s and women’s national teams, running men’s and women’s refereeing programmes, etc.
  • up to USD 2 million over the four-year cycle for specific projects based on the contract of agreed objectives, with a strong focus on those related to football infrastructure.

– Each of the six confederations will be entitled to a yearly contribution of USD 12 million to support its football activities and projects;

– Funding will include a contribution of up to USD 1 million per year for each zonal/regional association, specifically to organise men’s, women’s and youth football tournaments;

– Accountability for funds allocated as part of the Forward Programme will be further strengthened, with even stricter auditing and reporting measures. For example, each member association or confederation will have to engage the services of a statutory auditor and will be subject to a central audit review undertaken by an independent, high-profile, international auditing company;

– Beneficiaries must ensure that the principles of anti-discrimination, diversity, accessibility and inclusion, and human rights for all, are protected and promoted, as well as take measures to protect and safeguard children and minors from potential abuse.

The updated FIFA Forward Development Programme Regulations approved by the FIFA Council in Kigali will be published in their entirety on by the end of October.


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