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The influence of a father in the footballer’s career: Amadou Diawara

Guinea’s Amadou Diawara has opened up on the roles his father and sister played respectively in his football careers.

 Amadou who is currently a player for Italian side AS Roma spoke about his father’s decision to prevent him from playing football.

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The 22 year old player narrated his story to the club’s official website on Saturday from his home.

Father wanted school and not football

Amadou Diawara: “Why not do better than the last Roma generation ...

“I do remember very well that when I was a child my father gave me a slap when I said I would be a footballer”. “I had to disguise myself before going home after playing football by taking shower and changing up”.

 The AS Roma star went on to explain thus “my father and mother were both teachers and so thought it wise for me to study my books other than playing football”. He said there were so many children on the streets of Conakry who play football every day and few make it to the top, so it would be best for me to concentrate on school”.

Diawara admitted succumbing to his father’s decision; “in the end I had to go to school and study, nonetheless I sometimes had to skip class and play football at the expense of father’s punishment”.

He went on to talk about the important role his elder sister played to ease his difficulty of playing football.

“I owe my sister, Sira a great deal of appreciation for the role she played to get my father to accept my choice of career. She bought me boots and also hid them from my father as he would have given it out to the other children in our neighbourhood, Amadou revealed”.

Father had to concede defeat and make way

Diawara went ahead to say that he challenged his father and succeeded.

“I used to play on muddy fields with my teammates in the streets of Conakry and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. I started playing very good football, scoring goals and showing great skills on the pitch to the admiration of fans in our area and my father saw all these.

“A scout started visiting me and asking of me in the presence of my father saw yet he never agreed.”

“My sister then gave me a hand by talking to dad to accept my path of playing football. It became a big debate in the house as almost everyone was in favour except dad, but fortunately he gave in and I went on t play peacefully. Amadou explained.

“When I was 15 years, a Guinean coach who worked in Italy got me to play on trials with the older players and when I impressed him, it was the turning point of my career”. “He was a friend of Agent Numeku Tounkara who then made arrangements for me to go on trials in Italy.”

Amadou was admitted at the Lecce Academy and then moved to San Marino where he made his Serie C debut. He went to play for Bologna and later signed for Napoli where he played from 2016 to 2019.

Amadou Diawara
Diawara in Napoli shirt

He signed for Roma last season and is looking up to greater heights in his ascending football career.

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